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  Make & Model Accessories S/N Prefix Rental Rate  
Komatsu WA250 2.5 yard bucket, forks, PAS A78... $6,000 (monthly) Print this Iron
JD 544K 3 yard bucket, forks, coupler, grappler, PAS, (2) available ZBD... $8,500 (monthly) Print this Iron
Komatsu WA320-7 3.5 yd bucket, forks, coupler, spoon and PAS 801... $8,500 (monthly) Print this Iron
CAT 938K 3.5 yard bucket, forks, spoon, coupler and PAS SWL... $8,500 (monthly) Print this Iron
JD 624K 3.5 yard bucket, forks, coupler, PAS, (3) available CCD, KCD, PLD... $8,500 (monthly) Print this Iron
Komatsu WA380 4.5 yard bucket, forks and coupler 103... $10,500 (monthly) Print this Iron
Hitachi ZX250-5B 4.75 yd bucket, Hyd QC, 72" forks, spoon ... $10,500 (monthly) Print this Iron
CAT 962M 4.5 yd bucket, Fusion Hyd QC, PAS, 72" forks, spoon, 3V ride control, logger pec EJB... $10,500 (monthly) Print this Iron
CAT 980H 6 yard bucket and 20.5R25 tires JMS... $18,000 (monthly) Print this Iron
  Make & Model Accessories S/N Prefix Rental Rate