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Help the Living, Honour the Fallen

We are very proud at Heavy Iron Inc. to have the opportunity to support our Canadian troops here and abroad.  We now have 8 Camouflaged machines that are generating revenue for those who put themselves in harms way to protect our Canadian Values. Each month they are rented a portion is given to this great cause.  (The camouflaged CAT D6T XW dozer in our equipment rental fleet is donating $500 per month for every month it is rented). Our customers who rent our “Camo Iron” are also encouraged to match us!   Heavy Iron plans to build on this and to have several more camouflaged pieces in our fleet and donate to this great cause!

Heavy Iron Inc. has had a great partnership with Wounded Warriors Canada for the last several years where we donated a portion of the equipment rentals to members of the Canadian Forces and Law enforcement communities.  We have decided to change the direction of the charity revenue going forward.  All further donations will now go to two smaller outfits that should get more of the funding to the people that need it most.

These charities are more focused on the Special Forces community in Canada. Their descriptions are as follows:

  1. The Black Devils Association

The BDA is not a registered charity, nor is it a not for profit. It is a fund that is run by the Operators in CSOR (Canadian Special Operations Regiment), and the money is used to cover unexpected expenses that operators and their families may encounter due to the nature of the job and the realities of life. 

“Providing immediate support to the members and families of the Special Forces Operator Community.”

  1. The V-42 Foundation 

This is an excellent organization that benefits all members of CANSOF and their families and is also tax deductible.  This foundation provides support in extraordinary circumstances to those who stand in defence of Canada in more arduous conditions than most can imagine.  This foundation serves active and retired members of our Canadian Special Operations Forces (CANSOF) and their families rapidly and thoughtfully.  The V-42 Foundation helps create peace of mind for those who so selflessly serve to create that very same peace for our nation and all who live here.

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