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Help the Living, Honour the Fallen

We are very proud at Heavy Iron to have this opportunity to support our Canadian troops here and abroad through our partnership with Wounded Warriors Canada. This is a great cause and is worth our continued support.

With our Canadian Forces in mind we have now camouflaged 6 different Heavy Iron Inc. machines and will donate a portion of each rent to Wounded Warriors Canada for each month they are rented.  The camouflaged CAT D6T XW dozer is in our equipment rental fleet, donating $500.00 per month for every month it is rented.  Our customers who rent our “Wounded Warrior Iron” are encouraged to match us!  Our plan is working at Heavy Iron to have several camouflaged pieces in our fleet and build on a great cause!

As President of Heavy Iron I have always been very proud of our country and what we have accomplished around the world. Please join me in celebrating our amazing country and supporting those who risk their lives protecting our rights and freedoms.

Please call us today at 403.259.0005 for more information or if interested in making a donation, please click the below logo.



To support Wounded Warriors Canada please contact us or Click Here.

Please Click Here to see the Wounded Warrior Photos!

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